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I’ll be home for Christmas…

I realize I’ve been a little negligent with my blog for about a week now. So, I figured, what better time to pick up with a new post than on my way home for the holidays?

Read: I’m on a bus going about 50 miles per hour on I-80 through probably one of the biggest snowstorms we’ve seen so far this winter. Plus, the WiFi doesn’t work (not my fault this time, I swear!) and I enabled my lovely phone with WordPress capabilities (in the off chance that I might be so incredibly bored and away from my computer that it might actually be useful…)

Regardless, my excuse for not writing is legitimate, considering for a week I had to refocus my writing efforts into 20 pages for 3 papers (1 inch margins can go die!)

I think the snow has let up a little… I promise I’ll post more when I’m at my actual computer. Plus we’re going through that weird spot in Illinois where it keeps switching back and forth from central to eastern standard time. How silly.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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Facebook is my homepage (a.k.a. my best procrastination techniques)

I feel like this post comes at an appropriate time: while everyone is (supposedly) freaking out over finals, I’m blogging about how to procrastinate (and thus, am procrastinating on all the actual work that I have to do). These may or may not be things I do on a regular basis to avoid my work:

  • Watch random episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (or any other TV show, for that matter) in no specific order.
  • Meticulously organize your piles of magazines (or just notebooks and things, for non-journalism majors).
  • Go through your inbox and add people to your address book that you might want to talk to later in life.
  • Make Facebook your homepage. That way, whenever you open a new Internet window – instant distraction!
  • Speaking of Facebook, isn’t it about time you updated your about me section?
  • YouTube. Enough said.
  • Go through your iTunes library and delete the songs you don’t really listen to anymore.
  • Make a study playlist to help you focus.
  • Make a list of things you have to do in order of highest priority. Don’t do them yet. Just make a list.
  • Do your laundry. No, really. All of your clothes are dirty and you look like a bum.
  • Organize the people you follow on Twitter into very specific lists.
  • Tweet about how you don’t want to do your work, and how no one can make you do anything you don’t want to do.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile (this might actually help you in the real world!)
  • Make countdowns for various, mildly unimportant events that are occurring in the near future. Like birthdays. Or final exam dates.
  • Write a blog. Oh, wait…

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A lovely tale from my childhood.

I’m going to deviate slightly from the overall theme of my blog to tell this story, since I’m applying for a social media position at work and writing a 300 word trip blog is one of the requirements. And writing it here before I send it off to her feels less lame then writing it in a Word document where no one can see it.¬†And, I don’t feel like doing other stuff. Like homework. (Dad, please don’t comment about my lack of homework-doing because I still get stuff done. Don’t worry. I’m not going to flunk out of college.)

Side note: I’ve decided this post will also be pretty image heavy, so as to help relive the story. And because I love Google images. And also because I’ve had too much caffeine today and everything seems like a good idea when you’ve had too much caffeine and can also type at like 50 times your normal speed…

The story

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Can I just graduate already? (I don’t think I mean that.)

It’s that time of year again: finals. With less than two weeks until the end of the semester and the date pretty much set for when I’m coming back home (where I can overeat Christmas cookies and bum around watching The Sing-Off), I’m losing motivation faster than anyone could tell me that it’s not the best idea. Whoops.

When I’m stressed out about school, my procrastination abilities tend to kick in more than I’d like–i.e., I have a feature story to edit, a religion paper to research, an article for music and politics to read and respond to, a foreign policy presentation to prepare for (and don’t even get me started on what I have on my plate for next week), but instead I’m sitting under my covers watching episodes of The Middle and blogging about my procrastination (because my dad informed me that I had been falling behind on my blogging… ack.) Anyway. Continue reading


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“So… what are your plans for after graduation?”

Also known as: the worst possible question that could be asked of a soon-to-be college graduate (unless, of course, you’re awesome and know exactly what you plan to do after graduation and can present the inquirer with an extremely well-organized plan that is both impressive and assuring to both parties. At this time, that is not me. Sigh.)

First, I must make a correction regarding my countdown. A friend pointed out to me that the date of graduation I had put into the countdown was wrong, and unfortunately, not wrong in my favor. Instead of being on May 16 (because that’s a Monday…), it’s on the 14th. That brings the countdown to 164 days, which isn’t completely terrifying… yet.

But let’s get back to that horrible question. Continue reading


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The Pros and Cons of Going to Grad School

167 days. 17 hours. 33 minutes. (Assuming graduation starts at 11:00am on May 16th, because that seems plausible.)

As a way of expressing my thoughts about different options for my future, I’ve decided to make pros and cons lists for everything. This week’s list: the pros and cons of going to grad school.


  • More education. Because who doesn’t want more of that?
  • Continuation of the college safety bubble.
  • The real world can totally wait another 2 years for me.
  • I could make more money! Eventually. Maybe.


  • As it turns out, to get into grad school, you have to take the GRE.
  • The GRE tests you on math. (I’m guessing as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.)
  • I can’t do math anymore. (I’m a journalism major for crying out loud!)
  • Math is scary. Who can actually tell me what PEMDAS is? (My roommate just did, but she’s actually studying for the GRE.)
  • My roommate’s going to grad school in North Dakota and I wouldn’t go there anyway. Let’s not make a pros and cons list for North Dakota…
  • More student loans.
  • More homework.
  • More group projects.
  • A thesis? I actually don’t want to write one of those.


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